Empowa ISPO

Stake your ADA and be the first to receive the EMP token.

ISPO Token Allocation:
4,000,000 EMP (2% of total)

Reward Exchange Rate:
1 staked ADA = 0.0034 EMP per epoch

Until the ISPO allocation of 4,000,000 EMP is exhausted 

Launch Date:
World Habitat Day (4th October 2021)

Stage start:
7th October 2021 (Epoch 295)

Stage end:
When the ISPO EMP token allocation is fully attributed

ISPO Stakepools:
EMP1 (Smiles on Africa)
ID: d27af8f35c3d336500ff190011cd01edd1f84254002fad053

EMP2 (Proof of Africa)
ID: 4c419cdf15bae400b98aa9ec9a7d3de6dafc9eb258b31f


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Build a better future – stake now

The Empowa Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) is a new, low risk and exciting way to become part of the first property RealFi opportunity on the Cardano blockchain. Through our ISPO you can delegate your ADA to the public Empowa stake pools (EMP1 or EMP2). This ensures that you keep your ADA safe in your own wallet, but are rewarded with Empowa Tokens (EMP) based on the quantity of ADA staked and the duration for which you stake with our partner pools.

An ISPO differs from regular staking in that you forfeit your ADA rewards in exchange for EMP tokens.

Why an ISPO?


Lower Risk

Hodl your ADA

This process may appeal to some people as you can obtain EMP tokens without trading your existing ADA supply.




Building Crypto in Africa

As we understand the significance of developing a firmly African rooted crypto community, we have chosen to work with two SPOs that share our value and passion for empowerment through decentralised opportunities.

NFT Reward

Adding value to our Founding Community NFT

The ISPO allows us to reward those community members that decided to join our journey from the start. Holders of the Founding Community NFT (FC NFT) will receive higher EMP rewords during the ISPO staking process.

How to take part in the ISPO

1.Stake your ADA

Delegate your ADA stake to one of the two stake pools hosted by our partner Stake Pool Operators:

Smiles on Africa (ticker: EMP1)
Proof of Africa (ticker: EMP2)

NOTE: These are new pools provisioned by our stake pool partners. Delegating to their existing stake pools will not count as participation in the Empowa ISPO

2.Stake Early

The Empowa ISPO will continue until we have distributed the 4 million EMP allocated to the ISPO. Therefore community members who stake early will be able to secure more EMP.

We have also guaranteed a fixed ROA (return on ADA) of 0.068% per epoch ensuring those who stake early will still recieve their EMP.

Finally those who participate in the ISPO for longer will also receive bonus rewards.  The following tiered bonuses will be applied to all EMP rewards based on the duration of continuous delegation achieved prior to the conclusion of the ISPO:

Tier 2: (10 – 14 epochs): 10% bonus
Tier 3: (15+ epochs): 20% bonus

3.Buy an NFT

Holders of Founding Community NFTs (FC NFTs) will receive the following increased Reward Exchange Rates:

  • Community FC NFT Holders: 50% bonus
  • Project Catalyst FC NFT Holders: 50% bonus
  • Premium FC NFT Holders: 100% bonus

Note: this only applies to holders of the founding community NFT and not to those who hold only the completed canvas NFT sent when the project sold out

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