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Our Impact

Revolutionizing the African affordable home loan sector and empowering previously financially excluded families across the continent.

Empowering the underserved with Financial Inclusion

Empowa is an ecosystem that is committed to empowering financially excluded Africans by financing the off take of climate smart affordable housing.

The platform has recognized that many of these individuals earn informal incomes, which are often overlooked by traditional financial systems.

Through the use of new thinking and innovative digital solutions, Empowa enables financially excluded Africans living in vulnerable communities to tap into their informal incomes, and use that to buy affordable and climate-resilient housing.

Click on the video to hear directly from the families we empower and learn about the real-world impact of our work!

Resilient Homes for a Changing Climate

The Empowa approach not only enables financially excluded Africans to become homeowners but also helps to mitigate the risks associated with climate change.

By living in a climate-resilient home, these individuals are better equipped to withstand the effects of extreme weather events and other environmental hazards. Moreover, by owning a home, they gain a sense of stability and security that they may not have had before.

Empowa’s work is critical because it tackles two of the most pressing challenges facing many Africans today: financial exclusion and climate change. By providing an affordable pathway to homeownership and resilience, the platform is helping to build more equitable and sustainable communities across the African continent.

Financial Impact

Empowa’s innovative solutions are creating significant business opportunities in the African affordable housing sector, while addressing systemic failures and improving the lives of many African families.


of the house equity saved by clients after only 3 months of occupancy


of tenants have made their lease payments on time


Women led households accessed a home loan‎

Affordable Homes are a Foundation for Impact

Empowa recognizes the importance of access to safe, affordable, and sustainable housing, and how it can positively impact communities in Africa. By providing innovative, low-cost home financing solutions, Empowa is empowering low-income households to build a better future for themselves and their families.

Our Impact begins with empowering families with affordable and climate-resilient homes

January 01, 2021
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Immediate Impact

January 01, 2021
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Mid-term Impacts

January 01, 2021
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Long-term Impacts

January 01, 2021
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Empowa Positively Impacts 16 out of 17 SDG Goals

Empowa’s mission of enabling access to affordable housing is fundamental to its belief that a home is a foundation for impact. Access to affordable housing not only improves the living conditions of low-income households, but also positively impacts a range of social, economic, and environmental factors that are crucial for sustainable development. By enabling affordable housing to those who need it most, Empowa is contributing to 16 out of 17 SDG goals.


Empowa is providing affordable home loans to low-income households, helping to improve their financial stability and reduce the risk of poverty.

SDG1 - No Poverty

No Poverty. The basis of the SDG’s and the reason that Empowa exists. Access to affordable and climate-resilient housing is an essential step towards achieving the No Poverty goal. Empowa transforms the unavoidable living expense of housing into an investment thereby creating a fundamental building block towards the alleviation of poverty. Empowa’s innovation enables families to become homeowners, helping to break the cycle of poverty and provide long-term stability for generations to come. By providing early financial access to affordable and climate-resilient housing, Empowa is creating positive social and economic impacts that are aligned with the No Poverty goal.
SDG2 - Zero Hunger

A long-term benefit of home ownership and the creation of wealth through investment in an appreciating asset is the reduction of hunger and malnutrition. By enabling affordable, secure and stable housing, families are able to free up resources to allocate towards food and nutrition.

SDG3 - Good Health and Wellbeing

Access to affordable and climate resilient housing can lead to improved health and well-being. Poor housing conditions, such as overcrowding, lack of clean water, poor sanitation, can increase the risk of a range of health problems. Climate resilient housing can also protect occupants from extreme weather conditions, reducing the risk of injuries and illnesses. By providing affordable and climate resilient housing, Empowa is contributing to better health outcomes and improving the overall well-being of families and communities.

SDG4 - Quality Education

Access to safe and stable housing can contribute to better educational outcomes for children. Children living in inadequate housing or without a stable home environment are more likely to miss school and perform poorly academically. By providing affordable and climate-resilient housing, Empowa can help create a stable home environment for families, which can lead to improved educational outcomes for children. This, in turn, can help break the cycle of poverty and improve their long-term prospects.

SDG5 - Gender Equality

Empowa’s focus on women-led households in its affordable housing initiatives promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment. By providing access to affordable and climate-resilient housing, Empowa helps to improve the living conditions of women and their families, which can have a positive impact on their economic and social status. Women who have access to safe and stable housing are more likely to have better health outcomes, improved educational opportunities, and greater economic stability. Empowa’s initiatives help to break down gender-based barriers to housing and create more inclusive communities.

SDG6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

Climate-resilient homes can help to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events, such as floods and droughts, which can negatively affect water and sanitation infrastructure in communities. By incorporating features such as rainwater harvesting systems and proper sanitation facilities, Empowa’s homes can promote access to clean water and sanitation, particularly in areas that are prone to environmental disasters or lack proper infrastructure. This can improve the health and well-being of residents and promote sustainable water management practices in the community.

SDG7 - Affordable & Clean Energy

Empowa’s focus on financing climate-smart housing can have a positive impact affordable and clean energy. By exploring the integration of sustainable housing materials like hempcrete, Empowa can help improve energy access, reduce energy costs for homeowners, and contribute to a more sustainable energy system.

SDG8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth

Empowa’s focus on affordable and climate-resilient housing not only improves the living conditions of families but also creates economic opportunities. By providing lease-to-own financing, Empowa is helping families access the financial resources needed to own their home. This process, in turn, creates jobs in the housing sector and contributes to the growth of local economies. Additionally, by using sustainable building materials and implementing energy-efficient designs, Empowa is promoting the development of a green economy, which has the potential to create additional jobs and stimulate economic growth.


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SDG9 - Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure

Empowa’s approach to affordable housing is driven by a focus on innovation and the use of technology. The company’s model balances project risk, exchange risk, liquidity, and collateral, enabling investors to achieve the appropriate risk/return profile for their portfolio. Empowa also utilizes mobile payments and blockchain technology to streamline the leasing and financing process, reducing the need for paper-based transactions and increasing transparency. By utilizing technology and innovative solutions, Empowa is contributing to the development of industry and infrastructure in the affordable housing sector, which can have long-lasting benefits for communities and the wider economy.

SDG10 - Reduced Inequalities

Empowa’s provision of affordable and climate-resilient housing helps to reduce the housing gap for low-income households and marginalized communities, thereby reducing inequalities. By offering lease-to-own financing, Empowa empowers families who would otherwise not have access to affordable housing to become homeowners, contributing to wealth creation and reducing income inequality. Additionally, Empowa’s focus on women-led households helps to address gender inequalities by providing equal access to affordable housing and promoting women’s empowerment. Overall, Empowa’s efforts towards reducing inequalities align with SDG 10.

SDG11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities

By financing the off take of homes that are designed to withstand the effects of climate change, such as extreme weather events, Empowa is helping to ensure that communities are better equipped to cope with environmental challenges. Additionally, by providing access to affordable housing, Empowa is helping to address the issue of housing affordability in urban areas, which can contribute to the development of more inclusive and sustainable cities.

SDG12 - Consumption & Production

Empowa’s focus on financing the off take of energy-efficient and climate-resilient homes reduces the environmental impact of the housing sector by promoting responsible consumption and production patterns. The use of sustainable building materials such as hempcrete and the adoption of energy-efficient practices contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of housing construction, while also promoting sustainable consumption patterns among residents. By encouraging responsible production and consumption practices in the housing sector, Empowa is playing a key role in promoting sustainable development and addressing climate change.

SDG13 - Climate Action

Empowa’s focus on financing the off take of climate-resilient homes demonstrates its commitment to contributing to global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. By enabling homes with materials and design features that are climate-smart and have good thermal properties, Empowa is promoting sustainable housing practices that reduce the carbon footprint of the construction process and help to mitigate the impact of climate change. In addition, by promoting energy efficiency in its homes, Empowa is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the transition to clean energy sources.

SDG15 - Life on Land

Empowa’s provision of affordable and climate-resilient housing can contribute to the preservation of terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity by minimizing the need for new housing developments in natural areas. Additionally, the use of sustainable materials in construction, such as hempcrete, can help to reduce the impact of housing on the environment. By promoting sustainable and resilient communities, Empowa is playing a role in protecting life on land.

SDG16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Increasing the access to affordable housing can help to promote social stability by providing families with a secure and stable home environment. This stability can contribute to the development of strong institutions and peaceful societies. Additionally, Empowa’s focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment through targeting women-led households can promote social justice and equality, leading to more inclusive and just societies. Finally, by promoting sustainable and resilient communities, Empowa is contributing to the creation of strong institutions that can adapt to changing circumstances and challenges, such as climate change and natural disasters.

SDG17 - Partnership for the Goals

Empowa’s collaboration with impact investors, development partners, and other stakeholders can help to create partnerships towards achieving the SDGs. By working together towards the common goal of providing access to affordable and climate-resilient housing, Empowa can leverage the expertise and resources of its partners to maximize its impact on the SDGs. These partnerships can also help to build a stronger ecosystem for sustainable development in Africa, promoting the creation of more sustainable and resilient communities.

Our Impact in Numbers

Through our innovative financing models and community partnerships, we’re empowering low-income households to access safe, affordable, and climate-resilient homes. Explore our impact in numbers to see how we’re making a difference in the lives of families and communities across Africa.

Hear from the Families

Hear from some of the families who have moved into Empowa financed homes. They share their personal stories about how having a safe and affordable home has positively impacted their lives. Through these videos, you can hear directly from the families we serve and learn about the real-world impact of our work.

Meet Elena, Francisco & Family

“Here we have more privacy and a place of our own. So there is no comparison.”

Meet Elizabeta, Malvin & Family

“This came as a very great opportunity to us, and i recommend this opportunity to anyone else who comes across it.”

Meet Morlyn & Family

“Getting funding from the bank, is also very difficult, so this has been a very great opportunity of a lifetime.”

Meet Eliza

“It’s great because, rent doesn’t mean the house is yours, but rent-to-buy, it means one day the house will be your own.”

Meet Carolina

“When I heard about this scheme, I really felt happy to be a part of it, because it makes it easy for people like us to own houses.”

Seed NFT Impact Stories

Video compilation of some of the families you have empowered with affordable housing!

There’s no better feeling than being at home. It really came at the right time!


There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’re paying for something you’re going to own.