Update: Founding Community NFT’s – Sold Out in Oct 2021
Impact Cards – First project coming soon in 2022

Founding Community NFT Series

Impact Cards are soon to be released

Our NFTs change lives!

Housing finance in Africa is a $1 trillion dollar #RealFi opportunity and Empowa is inviting you to join our journey.

Make an Impact

When the Empowa platform is released, NFTs will be sold to finance the construction of affordable housing in Africa. This gives the purchaser the ability to grow wealth and access stories of empowerment; the impact that financing a house has on families, communities, economies and the environment. The impact is life-changing. Imagine living in a home, that is yours, for the very first time.

Limited Edition NFT

The only NFT of its kind we will ever create

A limited number of never to be repeated Founding Community NFTs (1024) have been minted, each one represented by a panel on the NFT Canvas.

Exclusive Privileges

Founding Member Privileges

Empowa Founding Community NFTs give holders privileges that go beyond the standard platform NFTs.  They will have access to empowerment and impact stories that span more than just specific houses, plus exclusive access to significant Empowa events and bonuses that will be made available from time to time.

Bonus NFT

Free NFT for the collectors

Once all NFTs have been purchased and the NFT Canvas is fully revealed, the Empowa concept artwork that all the NFTs collectively display, will then be distributed as the first bonus to Founding Community NFT holders.

For the lucky ones

Premium Privileges

Also, as a surprise, 176 randomly selected Founding Community NFTs will have a Premium status assigned to them. This Premium status will give their owners early event access and special offers.

Why are we selling
Founding Community NFTs?

1.Proof of Concept

Empowa is on a mission to build a decentralised funding platform for affordable housing in Africa – a #RealFi application. To do that, Empowa requires support from a broad range of people and organisations who share our passion for empowerment.

To demonstrate that Empowa can deliver on this mission, we need to deliver both housing on the ground in Africa and NFTs and blockchain transactions on Cardano. To prove that we can deliver on the ground in Africa, we secured support from Project Catalyst in Fund 5, to deliver eco-friendly homes in Mozambique – one of the poorest countries in the world – on a profitable basis. Now we are delivering Cardano NFTs. 

Together, these elements demonstrate the proof of our #RealFi capabilities. Join us, as we develop the platform to enable this at scale. 

2.Building Community

Empowa is reaching out to the broader community; to those who share our passion for wealth creation and impact. We are looking for Empowa Community to share our journey and spread our message. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and we are asking you to join us on our first steps.

Empowa Community members will have a unique place in the history and development of Empowa – not because of the amount of money you have or contribute, but because you are the first. Join us!

3.Community Feedback

If you read our White Paper, you will see that NFTs play a vital role in the Empowa Platform. We are already working on creative NFT campaigns to create collectibles that enable us to support the development of affordable housing in Africa. We need to consider all aspects of these NFTs including artists, payments, returns and value creation – and we would like to validate these with you – the Empowa Founding Community. 

The main question will always be: are we on the right track?

Are you an Impact Builder?

Be one of the first to obtain a limited edition Founding Community NFT