Empowa Trade

Platform for accredited investors to buy and sell Empowa Secured Defined Return Instruments (SDRIs).

What is Empowa Trade?

Empowa Trade is a platform designed to allow accredited investors the opportunity to buy, sell  and trade Empowa Secured Defined Return Instruments (SDRIs). The marketplace provides a high degree of consistency, transparency, comparability, and reliability, which allows the market to define a price floor beyond supply and demand-based pricing for each SDRI.


How it Works?

The Empowa Trade marketplace has two functions: the initial digital debt offering function, and the secondary purchase, sale, and resale trading function.

In the primary market, borrowers issue new debt, which is effectively where the debt instrument is created. In the secondary market, participants buy or sell debt that was issued in the primary market. The marketplace has both accredited individual and institutional participants, with institutions representing the majority of the traded volume of financing instruments.