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Total supply = 200 million tokens


Empowa Tokenomics have been designed after an extensive consultation period with both the community and tokenomics advisers. Aligned with our core values, we believe it provides a fair and equitable token distribution model, with release schedules to help protect token holders.

The document describes the token distribution, token sale amounts, individual purchase limits and priority access eligibility.


60% Housing Project
10% Public Sale
10% Innovation Fund
10% Team
5% Operating Fund
3% Private Sale

Empowa $handles

To promote transparency of our tokenomics, we have created a unique ADA handle for each EMP token allocation category.

You can view them on a Cardano Explorer using the below handles:

Housing Project = $empowa.housing
Public Sale = $empowa.public
Innovation Fund = $empowa.innovate
Team = $empowa.team
Operating Fund = $empowa.operate
Private Sale = $empowa.private
ISPO = $empowa.ispo


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Purchase $EMP Tokens

The EMP token is a platform-native token introduced by the Empowa Platform used to collateralize investments in affordable housing. Capital raised is secured by cash flows associated with lease-to-own tenants’ repayments, and an amount of the EMP token supplied by developers as collateral.

You can purchase some EMP tokens using MuesliSwap DEX on this page. Otherwise you can also find EMP tokens on the below decentralised exchanges:

MuesliSwap  –  MinSwap  –  SundaeSwap  –  Wingriders

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