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Our Mission:

1 million African families
to become owners
of a climate-smart home
across Africa by 2030.

DeFi Enabled Affordable Housing in Africa

Empowa is seeking to be a large property developer but not develop properties. By providing decentralized financing, Empowa is the key to unlocking this market.

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Existing systems just don’t work!

Africans struggle to buy a house. Who could afford to buy a house at a mortgage rate of 45% – the mortgage rate in Zimbabwe? The cost of finance is extremely high in many African countries, leading to a housing supply vicious cycle.

Photo: Bill-Wegener-Unsplash

Decentralized financing
leads to Realfi impact

Empowa is on a mission to build that decentralized financing platform for affordable housing in Africa.
To do that, Empowa follows 3 key principles:


Building a house

• Safety
• Health
• Wellbeing
• Education
• Resilience to climate change
• Creates jobs (1 house = 8 jobs)
• Creates wealth


Prosperity through

The Empowa Community is an ecosystem of customers, developers, partners and service providers. Empowa leverages the resources, knowledge and wisdom of the community to economically empower people through property.


Impacting people
Impacting the planet:

The inequality of wealth in the world is not sustainable – it must change. Empowa creates value by creating wealth for those who need it most – women and the financially excluded.
Economically empowering people and protecting the planet.

We empower people
where current systems fail

Photo: Casa Real project planning
Reducing home shortage in Africa

There is a massive home shortage in Africa. Currently there is a need for 50 million homes.

Empowa enables local partners to work on this enormous backlog.

No more mortgages with high interest rates

Mozambique has 600 mortgages in a country of over 30 million people. Mortgage interest rates can be as high as 32%

Empowa wants to make house ownership more available by enabling decentralized funding models.

A special client contract signing moment. This Casa Real client was blinded in a work accident. Fortunately, the company paid some insurance money, which enabled him to buy one of Casa Real’s starter homes for $10,000.
As he is blind he signed the contract with a thumb imprint. Empowa is on a mission to enable more people access to such opportunities by supporting entities like Casa Real and affordable financing for end users.
Photo: Kenex Media – Pexels

Providing Africans a permanent roof over their heads

84% of Africans don’t have a permanent roof over their heads. That is more than 1 billion people.

Empowa will reduce this backlog through DeFi enabled affordable housing.

CO2 reduction through circular building.

Building 50 million homes without environmental construction solutions will be catastrophic for the planet.

When cost is the overriding factor in affordability, change is difficult. To support this change, Empowa needs to help reduce costs, and develop models and processes that enable the testing and use of new materials that are climate friendly.

Empowa is on a mission to do this.

Photo: A CO2 Negative house by Easy Housing. Finding ways to enable affordable CO2 negative housing in Africa.

Making an impact with the right partners

Empowa works with tech organisations and property developers on the ground. These companies know the local markets, local conditions and are sitting on significant business opportunities.

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