Empowa Token (EMP)

1. What is the Policy ID of the Empowa token (EMP)?


You can view it on Cardanoscan here


2. What is the total supply of Empowa Tokens?

200 million

3. When is the Token Generation Event?

The Empowa Token generation occurred on the 15th of March, 2022. You can find the transaction on Cardanoscan here

4. How long will it take for the total supply to be distributed?

5 Years

There are different vesting periods (based on allocation type), from 6 months for the Public Sale and ISPO to 36 months for the Private Sale and Team allocations.  60% of the total supply is reserved for distribution as part of the NFT sales used to fund housing projects, which will be made available over a 5 year period.  Their attributed value when being issued to purchase NFTs will be sourced from the open market price for EMP at the time.

5. Why are 60% of the tokens allocated to Housing Project Sales and how will they be distributed?
Empowa’s Tokenomics is designed to provide a long term and reliable value transfer mechanism for those interacting with the Empowa platform. An example of this long term approach is demonstrated through the mid to long term vesting periods applied to all tokens following generation.


As the focus of Empowa is to support the financing of affordable housing in Africa, it was decided that most of the EMP tokens should be introduced to the ecosystem through this function, rather than through a token sale to investors, who may or may not choose to use them for this purpose.


The Housing Project Sales token allocation will therefore be distributed in exchange for fiat at the market rate at the time, for those purchasing Impact Cards to fund Empowa housing projects. They will be released proportionate to the amount available over the allocation’s 5 year linear vesting period.


Fiat collected in exchange for these EMP tokens will be used to bootstrap liquidity for stable coin exchange in different African countries, as the Empowa platform project progresses. This will be a critical component of the platform that is necessary to support on-the-ground service providers and tenants interacting with the platform.

6. What is the Innovation Fund and who will receive the tokens from that allocation?
Some of the challenges we expect to face in the implementation of the Empowa Platform, include the scaling up of service providers that will operate within the Empowa ecosystem and establishing incentive structures that will enable RealFi to open alternate funding sources for property markets and affordable housing, while tracking reputation in a decentralised way.

The Innovation Fund will therefore be used to support initiatives that intend to address some of those challenges. The funds available through the Innovation Fund will empower teams/organisations to take necessary risks associated with the development of new innovations and business models, required for the Empowa ecosystem to have impact at scale through a decentralised platform.

Decision making for the allocation of funds to different parties wishing to innovate within the Empowa ecosystem will become more decentralised as the Empowa project matures, with governance processes (such as those used by Cardano’s Project Catalyst) being a core long term objective.

7. Will I be able to trade my EMP tokens and if so where?
As a Cardano native token, trading will be available on any of the soon to be released Decentralised Exchanges. The Empowa Tokenomics document refers to an Operating Fund that will be used in the early stages of the project to provide liquidity on various exchanges. As we get closer to the token generation date, we will ask the community for guidance on which decentralised exchanges we should provide liquidity to.

Empowa are also working with advisers who have experience listing tokens on centralised exchanges.

8. Will we be able to swap Empowa NFTs for EMP Tokens?


9. What is the legal entity that is issuing the Empowa Token (EMP)?

The Empowa Token (EMP) will be minted and distributed by Empowa Technology Ltd (Seychelles), Incorporation Number: 230635.

Token Sale

1. When can I buy EMP?

The “Reserve EMP” event will occur on the 22nd of January, 2022 at 12pm UTC. At this event you can reserve EMP tokens for Rounds 1-3 and enter the queue to buy EMP. Please note your position in the queue will be First Come First Served (FCFS), meaning the sooner you complete the Reserve EMP process, the better your position in the buying queue.

On the 24th of January, 2022 at 12pm UTC, Round 1 of the token sale will officially open. You will receive an email when it’s your turn to complete your purchase. Please note you will have a 24 hour window to complete your purchase.  If you do not complete your purchase within 24 hours, you will lose your position in the queue.

Further information on key dates is available from our Token Sale page

2. Can I participate in the Private Sale?

Empowa are not conducting a typical private sale, that is open to anyone. We have instead reserved the private sale allocation for strategic partnerships that will support the long term goals of the project.

3. How many EMP tokens are allocated to the Public Token Sale?

20,000,000 EMP (10% of total supply).

4. What currency is used for payment?

Payments will be made in $ADA.

5. What is the EMP Token Sale price?

$0.25 USD

6. What are the individual purchasing limits per round?

General Public:
Round 1: Min: 100 EMP, Max: 1000 EMP
Round 2: Min: 100 EMP, Max: 1000 EMP
Round 3: Min: 10 EMP, Max: 4000 EMP

Founding Community NFT Holders:
Round 1-3: Min: 10 EMP, Max: 6000 EMP

7. What if there are still EMP tokens remaining after Rounds 1-3?

The per person token limits for the Empowa Public Token Sale are relatively low compared to other project token sales. This was a community driven initiative, to ensure that as many people as possible have the ability to participate.

Therefore, if the total Public Token Sale allocation (20 million EMP) is not exhausted during Rounds 1 to 3, the remaining tokens will be made available in Round 4. The per person token limit in Round 4 will be determined dynamically, based on input collected from those participating in Rounds 1 to 3.

Once the Round 4 limits and dates are established, Founding Community NFT holders will receive priority access to purchase their allocation in Round 4, ahead of non-Founding Community participants (including those with Referral Priority Access).

8. Is there a referral program for the Token Sale?


The Non-Founding Community members can gain priority access to Rounds 3 and 4 by referring others to the token sale. Priority access is based on the number of people they refer who participate in Rounds 1 or 2. The queue position in Rounds 3 and 4 is relative to the number of participating referrals.

9. Why is the token sale no longer starting in Q4, 2021?

On the 1st of December, 2021, we asked our community to vote for their preferred start date for the token sale. The voting completed on the 6th of December, with more than 500 people casting their votes. The decision made was that instead of starting in December (as per our original roadmap), the token sale will commence on the 24th of January, 2022.

To give people plenty of time to prepare, the Token Sale Dashboard will still be made available in Q4, with access available from the 8th of December, 2021. This will allow people to complete the KYC process and share their referral link for others to register using.

10. What is KYC and why do I have to complete it?

KYC (or Know Your Customer) requires that identity information about anyone participating in the token sale be collected. This is used to verify that those purchasing the Empowa Token (EMP) are not doing so from an excluded region. It also allows Empowa to comply with international laws that requires checks be performed to ensure an individual is not excluded from participating due to having been flagged for illegal activity, such as money laundering or terror financing.

The information collected by our KYC service provider Blockpass, is used for this purpose only and is not retained beyond the duration required to comply with these requirements.

11. What is the start and end date for KYC registration?

KYC Registration will commence at 12pm UTC on the 8th of December, 2021. There is no set end date for KYC registration. People will be able to begin this process at any time, even after the Token Sale has commenced and while it continues to be live.

However, please note that KYC needs to be completed successfully before participants can reserve and purchase EMP during the token sale rounds. Therefore to avoid disappointment, we suggest completing the KYC process as early as possible, so you do not miss out on a queue slot in your chosen rounds.

12. Why does the Token Sale Dashboard show my KYC status as "Not Started" when I have completed the KYC?

There are two possible reasons why the Token Sale Dashboard may show your KYC status as “Not Started”.

Email Address – Check that you have accessed the Token Sale Dashboard using the same email address you originally registered with.  If you use a different email address, the Dashboard will create a new account without any of the previously completed steps.

Blockpass Marketplace – If you discovered the Empowa Token Sale through the Blockpass Marketplace and completed the KYC from there, the Token Sale Dashboard will not have your account linked.  Click “Launch Blockpass” and complete the steps in the window that opens.  If your KYC was completed using the same email address as the one used for the Token Sale Dashboard, then you should not be required to resubmit your documentation and your KYC profile will be linked to your Token Sale Dashboard account. 

13. What should I do if I have any issues with KYC registration?

If you experience problems completing the KYC process, you should first check any correspondence received via email from Blockpass. Blockpass will provide the necessary information required to assist you in completing the registration.

If you experience problems that aren’t sufficiently explained by Blockpass, or you are unable to simply begin the KYC process, then please contact the Empowa Support team using one of the contact methods listed on our Token Sale page.

14. Can people from the United States of America participate in the token sale?

Unfortunately, due to the regulatory uncertainty that currently exists in the USA regarding cryptocurrencies and tokens, the Empowa token sale will not be open to people from the United States of America.

15. What countries can people participate from?

To comply with international sanctions law or to avoid the risk associated with countries that have regulatory uncertainty regarding cryptocurrencies and tokens, residents of the following countries are unfortunately not able to participate in the Empowa Token Sale:

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo-Kinshasa)
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Afghanistan)
Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran)
People’s Republic of China (China)
Republic of Cuba (Cuba)
Republic of Iraq (Iraq)
Republic of the Congo
State of Libya (Libya)
Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)
United States of America (USA)

People from countries not listed above are able to participate in the Empowa Token Sale, however Empowa Technology Ltd., reserves the right to add countries to the excluded list, if legal circumstances change that may require us to do so.

16. Why are Empowa not using a Launchpad or DEX (IDO) to perform the public token sale?

As one of our core principles is community empowerment, we believe that this can only be achieved by being as inclusive as possible.  Token sales performed through an IDO or Launchpad, often exclude those that do not have sufficient funds to meet the minimum requirements (such as staking a minimum number of tokens to participate) and often results in many people missing out due to others purchasing large quantities ahead of them.

By implementing our own Token Sale Dashboard, we can ensure that as many people as possible can participate, by having smaller initial limits than most token sales and giving priority access in round 2 to people who are unsuccessful in round 1.

17. I don’t need to enter a password to use the Token Sale Dashboard. Is that secure?

To minimise people’s risk when participating in the Empowa token sale, we deliberately made the choice to not hold any personal information in the Token Sale Dashboard. Personal information collected by our service provider Blockpass for KYC, is not stored by Empowa in the Token Sale Dashboard. Further, any payments made for EMP tokens are all done with the user’s existing Cardano wallet, so no security information is stored in the Dashboard.

For this reason, the use of a unique email link whenever somebody wishes to start a new Token Sale Dashboard session, means there is less complexity by removing the need to create and manage user logins, but users are still able to control their access priority (through referrals or Founding Community NFTs) and request token allocation sizes.

18. Are there any special privileges in the Token Sale for Founding Community NFT holders?


Founding Community NFT holders will receive guaranteed access to the maximum allocation available across all 3 rounds of 6000 EMP (1000 + 1000 + 4000).  They can purchase the entire allocation at any time during the 3 rounds without needing to wait for each round to open.  In other words, they can purchase the entire allocation of 6000 EMP on the first day of round 1, the last day of round 3, or any other day in between.

FC NFT holders will also receive priority access to purchase any further allocations made available if the Token Sale requires a fourth round.

This means that FC NFT holders do not need to rush to get a spot in the queue when the Token Sale opens.


19. Can I use a Founding Community Canvas NFT to obtain a guaranteed allocation and priority access?


The FC Canvas NFTs are not Founding Community NFTs and have a different policy ID (see below).  They were distributed as artwork collectables to commemorate the creation of the Founding Community NFT series.  As such they have no metadata relating to FC NFT privileges, like the actual FC NFTs do. 

20. Do I need to link my wallet if I don't have a Founding Community NFT?


At this stage, only those that wish to register for priority access and a guaranteed allocation using their FC NFT need to link their wallet. 

21. Does a Premium Founding Community NFT have additional privileges during the token sale?


All Founding Community NFTs (Premium, Community and Catalyst) have equal access in the token sale. 

22. I needed to send 1 ADA to link my wallet for Founding Community priority access. Will this be used towards my EMP token purchase or will I get it back?

No, this will not be used towards your EMP token purchase and it will not be returned.

Founding Community members have previously been supplied ADA along with their original purchase and the recent distribution of the FC Canvas NFT. This should cover this small wallet linking transaction.

23. Can I move my Founding Community NFT once it is linked to my wallet?


The Token Sale Dashboard will check for the presence of the FC NFT used at the time your wallet was linked, at each stage of the token sale. If the Token Sale Dashboard detects your registered FC NFT is missing, then your priority access will be revoked and you will need to participate in the standard allocation queues for each round.

The Token Sale Dashboard will also reject attempts by other users to register a FC NFT that has already been used to register for priority access, even if the original owner’s wallet has had its priority access revoked.

If you have more than 1 FC NFT in your linked wallet, then you are free to move any that aren’t the 1 shown in your Token Sale Dashboard.


24. Can I make payments from different wallets?

To remove complexities during token distribution, payments made during each round must be from the same wallet. If you have funds in multiple wallets, please transfer them into a single wallet to make payments from during the token sale.

Founding Community NFT holders who have already linked their wallet to receive priority access will need to use their linked wallet. The first payment made by Non FC NFT holders will determine the wallet that will need to be used for all future payments.

If you attempt to make a payment from a different wallet to the one used for your initial purchase (or FCNFT linking), the funds will be returned and your purchase request will not be fulfilled. You will be able to create a new purchase request, however it will have a different position in the purchase queue.


25. What questions would you like us to add to the FAQ list?

The Token Sale FAQ is intended to be a dynamic list which will be added to based on community feedback. Our aim is to have a comprehensive and detailed FAQ list by the time we reach the Token Sale Rounds to ensure we are all on the same page as best as possible.

Use the links available on our Token Sale page, to make suggestions for additional questions you think we should add.

ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering)

1. What are the important ISPO details?

ISPO Token Allocation:
4,000,000 EMP (2% of total)

Reward Exchange Rate:
5 EMP per 1 ADA of rewards

Until the ISPO allocation of 4,000,000 EMP is exhausted 

Launch Date:
World Habitat Day (4th October 2021)

Stage start:
7th October 2021 (Epoch 295)

Stage end:
The ISPO will end at the end of epoch 335

ISPO Stakepools:
EMP1 (Smiles on Africa)
ID: d27af8f35c3d336500ff190011cd01edd1f84254002fad053d326356

EMP2 (Proof of Africa)
ID: 4c419cdf15bae400b98aa9ec9a7d3de6dafc9eb258b31f172c891dd5

2. How do I participate in the ISPO?

Delegate your ADA stake to one of the two stake pools hosted by our partner Stake Pool Operators:

Smiles on Africa – Ticker: EMP1 – Pool ID: d27af8f35c3d336500ff190011cd01edd1f84254002fad053d326356
Proof of Africa – Ticker: EMP2 – Pool ID: 4c419cdf15bae400b98aa9ec9a7d3de6dafc9eb258b31f172c891dd5

NOTE: These are new pools provisioned by our stake pool partners. Delegating to their existing stake pools will not count as participation in the Empowa ISPO.  If you are unsure when searching in your wallet which are legitimate Empowa ISPO stake pools, use the Pool IDs above to confirm.

3. How were the partner Stake Pool Operators chosen?

We have partnered with existing African Stake Pool Operators (SPOs), Smiles on Africa (EMP1) and Proof of Africa (EMP2).

As we understand the significance of developing a firmly African rooted crypto community, we have chosen to work with two SPOs that share our value and passion for empowerment through decentralised opportunities. Rather than drain delegation from existing community pools, we wanted to support them during our ISPO.

4. How much will the partner SPOs receive?
To support the great work our partner SPOs are already doing in Africa, we have agreed to provide them with 10% of the total ADA collected during the ISPO.
5. When does the ISPO start?
Epoch 295 – Thu 07 Oct 2021 (21:45:00 UTC)
6. When does the ISPO finish?

The ISPO will end at the end of epoch 335.

7. What is happening to the EMP1 and EMP2 pools after epoch 335?

From epoch 336, the 2 original ISPO pools (EMP1 and EMP2) which are operated by ‘Smiles on Africa’ and ‘Proof of Africa’ respectively, will continue to remain open, however each pool will be changed to a fee of 1.9% with a new stake pool ticker (to be confirmed closer to the time).

If you continue to delegate to these pools from epoch 336, instead of being eligible for EMP, you will receive ADA rewards like other standard Cardano stake pools. Any ADA received from pool fees will go to the respective stake pool operators (Smiles of Africa or Proof of Africa), which will continue to help support the great work both projects are doing in Africa. We also want to make it clear that from epoch 336, Empowa will NOT receive any additional ADA from these pools.

8. How will the ISPO tokens be distributed?

We will be partnering with DripDropz to distribute the EMP tokens from the 15th of April. There will be a custom DripDropz claiming process to allow for Empowa ISPO participants to claim their eligible EMP based on the 6 months linear vesting schedule. More details on this will be shared soon.

9. When can I claim EMP if I participated in ISPO?

From April 15, Empowa ISPO participants will be able to claim their eligible EMP on DripDropz based on the 6 months linear vesting schedule.

10. What is the Ada handle for the ISPO EMP allocation wallet?

The Ada handle for the EMP ISPO allocation wallet is: $empowa.ispo

You can find it on pool.pm here

11. What is an ISPO and how does it differ from regular staking?
The Empowa Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) is a new, low risk and exciting way to become part of the first property RealFi opportunity on the Cardano blockchain. Through our ISPO you can delegate your ADA to the public Empowa stake pools (EMP1 or EMP2). This ensures that you keep your ADA safe in your own wallet, but are rewarded with Empowa Tokens (EMP) based on the quantity of ADA staked and the duration for which you stake with our partner pools.

An ISPO differs from regular staking in that you forfeit your ADA rewards in exchange for EMP tokens.

12. What are the benefits of an ISPO?
This process may appeal to some people as they can obtain EMP tokens without trading their existing ADA supply. We asked the community for their opinion, and many stated that the ISPO model offers a low risk option to participate in the RealFi property opportunity provided through the Empowa Token.

Early ISPO participants are rewarded for their trust, confidence and support; the longer you delegate your stake in the Empowa ISPO, the more EMP tokens you will earn.

13. What is the Reward Exchange Rate?

1 staked ADA = 0.0034 EMP per epoch

14. What does Reward Exchange Rate mean?
ADA holders that delegate their stake to Cardano stake pools receive ADA rewards every epoch, proportional to the amount of ADA they have delegated. The Reward Exchange Rate defines the amount of EMP tokens that will be provided to those that delegate to our ISPO partner stake pools in exchange for ADA rewards they would have received if delegating to a different stake pool.
15. The website used to show the Reward Exchange Rate as 5:1. Why was this changed?

Based on feedback from the community, we have modified the wording of the EMP Reward Exchange Rate.

The rate now shown (1 staked ADA = 0.0034 EMP per epoch) is still consistent with the ISPO reward mechanics, but we just wanted to change the wording to avoid confusion that some people were having.

16. How did you decide on the Reward Exchange Rate and how does this compare to the public sale price?

The ISPO model is a new way for people to obtain Cardano native tokens, so projects such as Empowa are still trying to find the best approach to benefit everyone. The ISPO is an option that works best for those who wish to remain vested in ADA but still join the Empowa journey. The Public Sale may work best for those who wish to purchase EMP tokens directly.

When considering the Reward Exchange Rate, several factors were taken into consideration, including:

  • The price of ADA will fluctuate throughout the duration of the ISPO. Trying to “price” the EMP rewards exchanged for ADA is therefore difficult.
  • By fundraising in ADA, Empowa is exposed to the risk associated with the price volatility of ADA.
  • While those wishing to obtain EMP tokens could sell their ADA rewards from another stake pool to purchase them in the public sale, the true cost to those that do will vary based on how much they originally paid for their staked ADA and how much they sell their reward ADA for.

Therefore, rather than trying to determine a Reward Exchange Rate that matches the public sale price in USD based on the price of ADA at any given time, Empowa chose a rate that considers the volatile price levels, the risk to Empowa of fundraising in ADA and the opportunity that Founding Community NFT holders will have for increased Reward Exchange Rates.

As the public token sale price will be $0.25, if you are not sure which option between staking in the ISPO, participating in the public sale, or a mix of both, is best for your personal circumstances, please seek financial advice from a qualified agent.

17. Is the Reward Exchange Rate affected by the Empowa ISPO partner’s stake pool performance?


Empowa will provide a fixed ROA (Return on ADA) of 0.068% per epoch, regardless of the pool’s actual return (higher or lower) for that epoch.

Justification rationale: While the approximate return for staking with an average stake pool is 5% per annum, this is usually based on delegating your stake to the same pool for 12 months (or 73 epochs), so that periods of low block production are balanced with increased periods. As the Empowa ISPO may not run for a full 12 months, any normal fluctuations in block production over the course of the ISPO may result in the return for that period being less than the expected average annualised return.

18. Based on the above information how much EMP can I expect to receive per epoch if I stake 1000 ADA?

The following calculation does not include any time-based or Founding Community bonus rewards, which are explained below.

1000 x 0.068% x 5 = 3.4 EMP per epoch

19. How soon after delegating to the Empowa partner stake pool will I start earning EMP rewards?
EMP rewards will start accruing immediately at the start of your first full epoch of delegation.

While delegated stake does not become active immediately (a technical mechanism designed into the Cardano Proof of Stake protocol), Empowa will calculate rewards from the first full epoch of your delegation.

20. Are bonus EMP rewards available?


There are two levels of bonus rewards available with the Empowa ISPO:

Loyalty Bonus Tiers – for those who delegate their stake longer.
Founding Community NFT Bonus – for holders of a FC NFT.

21. How are bonus rewards calculated?

Holders of Founding Community NFTs (FC NFTs) will receive the following increased Reward Exchange Rates:

Project Catalyst FC NFT Holders – 50% bonus
Community FC NFT Holders – 50% bonus
Premium FC NFT Holders – 100% bonus

Those who participate in the ISPO for longer will also receive loyalty bonus rewards. The following tiered bonuses will be applied to all EMP rewards based on the duration of continuous delegation achieved prior to the conclusion of the ISPO:

Tier 1 (1 – 9 epochs): 0% bonus
Tier 2 (10 – 14 epochs): 10% bonus
Tier 3 (15+ epochs): 20% bonus

22. Can I receive both types of bonus rewards?


The following information describes the total bonus rewards that can be achieved when both bonus reward types are applied.

Founding Community NFT Holders (Community/Catalyst):

  • Tier 1 (Stake 1 – 9 epochs):
    0% tier bonus + 50% FC NFT bonus (Total bonus = 50%)
  • Tier 2 (Stake 10 – 14 epochs):
    10% tier bonus + 50% FC NFT bonus (Total bonus = 60%)
  • Tier 3 (Stake 15+ epochs):
    20% tier bonus + 50% FC NFT bonus (Total bonus = 70%)

Founding Community NFT Holders (Premium):

  • Tier 1 (Stake 1 – 9 epochs):
    0% tier bonus + 100% FC NFT bonus (Total bonus = 100%)
  • Tier 2 (Stake 10 – 14 epochs):
    10% tier bonus + 100% FC NFT bonus (Total bonus = 110%)
  • Tier 3 (Stake 15+ epochs):
    20% tier bonus + 100% FC NFT bonus (Total bonus = 120%)

The table below shows the same bonuses represented as the amount of EMP earned per 1 staked ADA.


Number of Epochs of Continuous Delegation 


1 – 9

10 – 14 



1 staked ADA = 0.0034 EMP per epoch (no Bonus)

1 staked ADA = 0.00374 EMP per epoch (10% Bonus)

1 staked ADA = 0.00408 EMP per epoch (20% Bonus)


1 staked ADA = 0.0051 EMP per epoch (50% Bonus)

1 staked ADA = 0.00544 EMP per epoch (60% Bonus)

1 staked ADA = 0.00578 EMP per epoch (70% Bonus)

Premium FC NFT

1 staked ADA = 0.0068 EMP per epoch (100% Bonus)

1 staked ADA = 0.00714 EMP per epoch (110% Bonus)

1 staked ADA = 0.00748 EMP per epoch (120% Bonus)

23. To receive the FC NFT bonus Reward Exchange Rate, do I need to delegate my stake from the same wallet where my FC NFT is located?


Your Founding Community NFT must be kept in the same wallet you use to delegate your stake to our ISPO partner’s stake pool to receive the bonus Reward Exchange Rate. Transferring your FC NFT out of your delegation wallet, even for a few minutes before transferring it back, will make you ineligible for the bonus Reward Exchange Rate for that epoch.

You can transfer your FC NFT to your delegation wallet (if it is different to the wallet you used to purchase the NFT from), as the FC NFT does not have to remain in the wallet used to purchase it.  Bonus rewards will start being applied in the next full epoch after you transfer the FC NFT to your delegation wallet. 

You do not need to have had a FC NFT in your delegation wallet from the start of your participation in the Empowa ISPO.  Bonus Reward Exchange Rates will be calculated per epoch based on whether a FC NFT was present or not during each epoch.

24. Can I receive additional bonuses by using multiple Founding Community NFTs?

If you have multiple FC NFTS in the wallet used to delegate your stake to our ISPO partner’s stake pool, only the one that provides the highest Reward Exchange Rate will be used to calculate your bonus eligibility.

25. Can I move between Empowa partner stake pools without losing my loyalty rewards bonus?


Your eligibility for bonus tiers through continuous delegation will apply across both ISPO partner stake pools.

26. What happens if I deposit or withdraw ADA from my delegation wallet during the ISPO?

The Cardano Proof of Stake protocol determines how much ADA you have delegated every epoch, during a snapshot that is taken when transitioning from one epoch to the next. You are therefore free to withdraw and deposit ADA during an epoch without any changes to your delegation amount being determined until the next epoch snapshot.

Empowa will calculate your EMP rewards every epoch, so if your delegation amount changes from one epoch to the next, the rewards calculated will be different according to the amount of ADA delegated for each. Loyalty tier bonuses will be calculated based on the lowest amount of ADA continuously delegated for the required tier duration. Any amounts delegated above this that don’t qualify for the loyalty bonus will still earn EMP rewards, but at the standard rate (i.e. without the loyalty bonus).

The following is an example of someone whose delegation changes over the duration of their participation in the ISPO and how their EMP rewards are calculated. NOTE: This example does not include any additional bonus that may be applied with a Founding Community NFT.

Amounts Delegated
Epochs 1 – 6: 1200 ADA
Epochs 7 – 9: 1000 ADA
Epochs 10 – 12: 1100 ADA

EMP Rewards – Tier 2 Bonus (10%)
Eligible Amount: 1000 ADA
Duration: 12 Epochs
Rewards Per Epoch: 0.0748% (standard rate + 10%) x 5 x 1000 = 3.74 EMP
Rewards Earned: 3.74 x 12 = 44.88 EMP

EMP Rewards – Tier 1 (Epochs 1 – 6)
Eligible Amount: 200 ADA
Duration: 6 Epochs
Rewards Per Epoch: 0.068% x 5 x 200 = 0.68 EMP
Rewards Earned: 0.68 x 6 = 4.08 EMP

EMP Rewards – Tier 1 (Epochs 10 – 12)
Eligible Amount: 100 ADA
Duration: 3 Epochs
Rewards Per Epoch: 0.068% x 5 x 100 = 0.34 EMP
Rewards Earned: 0.34 x 3 = 1.02 EMP

Total Rewards
44.88 + 4.08 + 1.08 = 49.98 EMP

27. What happens to my loyalty bonus if I add to my delegated ADA amount in later epochs?

The loyalty bonus will get applied to any amount that has met the continuous delegation threshold, regardless of when that amount started being delegated. For example, if someone adds to their staking amount and they leave that new amount in for 10-14 or 15+ epochs, the new/adjusted amount will be eligible for the relevant loyalty bonus.

The following is an example of someone who delegates 100 ADA in epoch 1 and adds 1000 more ADA in epoch 2. NOTE: This example does not include any additional bonus that may be applied with a Founding Community NFT.

Amounts Delegated
Epoch 1: 100 ADA
Epoch 2-16: 1100 ADA

EMP Rewards – Tier 1 (Epoch 1)
Eligible Amount: 100 ADA
Duration: 1 Epoch
Rewards Per Epoch: 0.068% x 5 x 100 = 0.34 EMP
Rewards Earned: 0.34 x 1 = 0.34 EMP

EMP Rewards – Tier 3 Bonus (Epochs 2-16)
Eligible Amount: 1100 ADA
Duration: 15 Epochs
Rewards Per Epoch: 0.0816% (standard rate + 20% bonus) x 5 x 1100 = 4.488 EMP
Rewards Earned: 4.488 x 15 = 67.32 EMP

Total Rewards
0.34 + 67.32 = 67.66 EMP

28. Which wallets are compatible with the ISPO?
Users who wish to participate in the ISPO can delegate their ADA to one of our partner stake pools (EMP1 or EMP2) using any wallet that supports the standard Cardano delegation process (such as Yoroi or Daedalus).

NOTE: If you wish to receive the Founding Community NFT bonus Reward Exchange Rate, you must use a wallet that also supports Cardano NFTs.

29. Is there a minimum or maximum delegation amount for the ISPO?

There is no minimum or maximum delegation amount.

30. Can I leave the ISPO early?


Users will have the ability to re-delegate their ADA stake at any time, as the EMP token rewards are calculated for each epoch (5 days).

31. Do I need to KYC to receive EMP tokens earned through ISPO participation?


EMP tokens earned will be distributed to the wallet used to participate in the ISPO.

32. Can people in the US participate?
We recommend that all participants seek legal and tax advice on the impact that participating in an ISPO will have for them in their jurisdiction.
33. When will I get my EMP tokens?

Tokens will be distributed following token generation, which is currently planned for Q1 2022. Tokens earned from ISPO participation prior to the token generation date will be distributed following token generation. Tokens earned from ISPO participation after the token generation date will be distributed within 3 epochs after the epoch in which they are earned.

While EMP tokens will be distributed as described above, their access for transfer will be subject to the ISPO linear vesting period of 6 months.

34. What is Linear Vesting?
Linear vesting means that while the total amount of tokens being distributed to a wallet will be locked for the specified vesting period, they will be released during the vesting period at a rate proportional to the amount of time that has passed towards the vesting period’s completion.

For example, if someone has 1000 EMP tokens distributed to them following their participation in the ISPO, over a 6 month (182 days) vesting period, approximately 5.5 EMP tokens per day will be released.

35. Why is Empowa using token vesting?

Empowa would like to attract token investors who wish to support the long term vision of the project. We would also like to protect the price for token holders following release, by preventing a surge of supply to secondary markets.

This is highlighted by the vesting periods applied to both the Team allocation and Private Sale investors, which each have a 3 year vesting period. The majority of the EMP token supply (70%) is reserved for NFT sales to be used for housing projects funding. These tokens are also being released linearly, but over 5 years.

36. Why is Empowa doing an ISPO and a Public Sale?
After consultation with the community, it was recommended that Empowa do both, as there are pros and cons depending on preferential concerns. Many people wish to retain their ADA and use the staking rewards to participate in the Empowa project. This process is easier for existing holders of ADA.

Others were of the opinion that they wanted to participate directly through the purchase of tokens and this also opened the offering up to a broader, non ADA market. It was therefore decided to do both.

37. When can people buy NFTs to fund African housing with their EMP tokens?
As part of the Empowa Platform development, Empowa will be developing and selling NFTs which fund housing projects in Africa. When this is done, users will be able to purchase these NFTs using fiat, crypto or their EMPs tokens. This may include during early pilots and following release of the platform MVP. Please refer to the roadmap for current expected timeframes.
38. What will the money be used for?

39. What will happen with the stake pools after the ISPO has finished?
While this will be determined by our partner stake pool operators (SPOs), if they are not decommissioned their association to Empowa will be removed and there will be no further eligibility for earning EMP tokens by delegating to them.

We hope that those who participate in the Empowa ISPO will continue to support our partner SPOs once it is complete, by continuing to delegate to them using any of the stake pools they operate.

Founding Community NFT

1. Why are we selling Founding Community NFTs?

Proof of Concept:

To demonstrate that Empowa can deliver on this mission, we need to deliver both housing on the ground in Africa and NFTs and blockchain transactions on Cardano.

Building Community:

Empowa is reaching out to the broader community; to those who share our passion for wealth creation and impact. Empowa Community members will have a unique place in the history and development of Empowa – not because of the amount of money you have or contribute, but because you are the first. Join us!

Community Feedback:

We need to consider all aspects of these NFTs including artists, payments, returns and value creation – and we would like to validate these with you – the Empowa Founding Community.

2. What are the benefits of buying and holding an NFT?

The benefits can be split into 3 main areas:

Limited Edition NFT: 

There are a limited number of never to be repeated Founding Community NFTs (1024), which will serve as an “Empowa Badge” of sorts to recognise the pioneers and early supporters of the Empowa journey. Each NFT is also represented by a panel on the unified NFT Canvas.

Exclusive Privileges:

Empowa Founding Community NFTs give holders privileges that go beyond the standard platform NFTs.  They will have access to empowerment and impact stories that span more than just specific houses, plus exclusive access to significant Empowa events and bonuses that will be made available from time to time.

Bonus NFT:

Once all NFTs have been purchased and the NFT Canvas is fully revealed, the Empowa concept artwork that all the NFTs collectively display, will then be distributed as the first bonus to Founding Community NFT holders.

3. Will NFT holders have early access to special offers and events?

Yes – Founding Community NFT holders will have exclusive access to significant Empowa events and bonuses that will be made available from time to time.

4. Will Founding Community NFTs have priority access to the EMP Token Sale?

We are exploring many different benefits that Founding Community NFT holders can receive, which may include early access to the EMP Public Token Sale and/or increased token limits.

5. What is the difference between Founding Community NFTs and the Standard Empowa Platform NFTs?

Founding Community NFTs are a one of a kind series, which have the benefits as mentioned above. Standard Platform NFTs will be available once the Empowa platform is released and will only have access to information relating to the African affordable house their sale helped finance the construction of.

6. Are there different benefits for the different FC NFT levels?

The benefits for the various FC NFT levels will be determined on a case by case basis and in the future we expect the community can decide what benefits each NFT type should receive.

The 1024 FC NFTs are split into 4 levels:
– Premium
– Community
– Catalyst
– Team

As it stands at the moment there are 2 things FC NFTs can be used for, the ISPO and the Token Sale. Team NFTs will have no benefits in either of those.

The benefits for each FC NFT level for the ISPO and Token Sale are the following:

Premium: 100% bonus
Community: 50% bonus
Catalyst: 50% bonus
Team: No benefits

Token Sale:
Premium: Guaranteed Allocation + Priority Access
Community: Guaranteed Allocation + Priority Access
Catalyst: Guaranteed Allocation + Priority Access
Team: No benefits

Regarding the Token Sale, the Premium, Community and Catalyst FC NFTs will be treated equally in terms of benefits.

7. What wallet can I use to buy?

Make sure to use a Shelley-era wallet that supports Cardano Native tokens (e.g. Yoroi, Nami, ccwallet, Daedalus, etc.).

DO NOT use an exchange wallet.

8. What informed the price of 200 ADA?

At Empowa we are building a community who share our passion for creating impact and are looking to share our journey towards sustainable affordable housing.  As our Founding Community NFTs will have exclusive capabilities and access in the Empowa platform, we wanted to ensure that they were limited by number for our very early supporters.  Their value therefore reflects the overall rarity they will have in the long term Empowa ecosystem and the exclusivity they will possess.

9. What is the Policy ID for the Empowa Founding Community NFT series?


10. What is the Policy ID for the Empowa Founding Community Canvas NFTs?


11. Does the Empowa Founding Community Canvas NFT have any special privileges?

The Empowa Founding Community Canvas does not hold any special privileges. It was distributed as the first bonus to Founding Community NFT holders.