Empowa Token Sale Review

On the 15th April the community was able to start claiming the EMP tokens. It was an amazing achievement for the Empowa team as we made the bold decision to develop a system for the token sales ourselves instead of utilising one of the various launchpads. In doing so we were able to reduce the cost of launch and to allow more than 4,200 verified individuals to participate meeting our goal to make our project as accessible as possible.

This represents another milestone in the journey following on from the FC NFT sale, the building of 4 homes in Mozambique and the ISPO. All of this within the first year post our project Catalyst funding. Our team is proud and humbled by the amazing support of our growing community. This has all been achieved by a part-time and extremely passionate team.

As a contribution to the Cardano ecosystem we will be open sourcing both our token sale and ISPO calculator for the community to use. We hope this will allow other projects to launch more equitable and accessible token sales in the future.

Token Review Process

Despite the above success we are aware that the claiming process for the token sale and the ISPO was not ideal, many who wanted to claim at the start experienced difficulties. Next to the known Cardano network capacity issues, there were noticeably issues that our team could improve. The community was extremely active in the first 3 days and provided a lot of feedback. Empowa is very grateful for such an engaged community.

To improve future launches, we have introduced a set process to review every release. This is done through a form that is shared in the Telegram and Discord community. The results of the first review are presented in this blog and will be used in the launch of all impact cards. We wish to express our gratitude to those community members who have taken their valuable time to participate in this review.

Review form available: 24th April till 5th May 2022
Form announced in: Telegram and Discord
# participants: 59

Review Structure

There were 7 main questions.

  1. What is your overall experience of the EMP Token Claim process?
  2. How well do you feel you were informed about the token claiming process?
  3. How do you feel about the speed in which you could claim your tokens?
  4. How do you feel about your user experience on the token sale dashboard?
  5. If applicable, how do you rate the speed in which the Empowa team provided support?
  6. How do you rate the quality of our customer service?
  7. Is there anything else you’d like us to consider on our continued journey?

The first 6 questions gave the respondent the option to respond in the following options:

Very Good → Good → Neutral → Bad → Very Bad

The fixed options were used to quantitatively measure the feedback and provide us the possibility to compare in the future. We plan to work towards improving with every launch.
Here are the results. In order to learn we have focused on the areas where we scored bad or very bad.

Main Lessons Learned

All feedback was captured into a mindmap. This tool allows us to continue learning
in future launches.

A main area for improvement was the speed in which the token could be claimed. While load on the Cardano network will slow down the claim process we appreciate this needs to be better managed. Going forward we will investigate ways to streamline our own code to limit this impact. We’ll also more clearly show the current load on the network and the potential delay this might cause.

Support is also clearly an area that needed improvement. As a result we have started recruiting and onboarding more support members that can be online full time across the globe especially around key launches. Next to this the choice was made to launch on a Tuesday instead of the weekend, as now we have more full time dedicated team members available.

We also acknowledge that even more testing of our infrastructure is needed before launching. To ensure more robust testing, especially under load, we have increased our development team to provide additional capacity for testing. As well as introduced a two tier stage testing approach. First with our support and community advisors teams. And second a closed testing with FC NFT holders. More details on the mechanics of this to follow ahead of the first impact card release.

Yes We Can!

From the review we can also conclude that our team was able to successfully deliver on the following as the community scored us good or very good in these areas:

  • The dashboard
  • Information provided around the token claim process
  • Overall token claim
  • Customer service

Thanks to the funds raised the team can now focus on Empowa full time and we have recently moved in to office in Amsterdam improving our ability to collaborate on the more complex areas of our project

The findings set the benchmark for our Impact Card launch and we are confident that we will improve significantly.

Thank You so much for your support and critics!
The Empowa Team

To learn more about Empowa and the $EMP token, feel free to check out the links below:
$EMP Explainer Video
Tokenomics doc
FAQ page (we will continue to update this overtime)

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