Community Advisors vs.

Community Support Explained

The Empowa community is our project’s biggest asset. Your support of our Project Catalyst proposal and during our FC NFT, ISPO and token sale has enabled the development of an ecosystem that will unlock the trillion-dollar affordable housing opportunity in Africa and impact the lives of countless people.

Beyond the funds provided our community has afforded insights and advice that have been instrumental in shaping our thinking and direction. From helping us to evaluate where to list our token, deciding on ways we can add utility to the ecosystem or connecting us with critical partners our community continues to provide invaluable guidance. 

As was outlined in our whitepaper, the long term ambition of Empowa is to be a fully decentralised platform governed by a DAO. However given the many RealFi challenges that need to be overcome a more centralized approach has initially had to be adopted. While necessary, we still want to ensure our community is consulted at every available opportunity and so have introduced the community advisors.  

The community advisors are a group of volunteers who are passionate about the Empowa project and wish to play a more active role in our success. As a group, we aim to attract community members from a broad range of skills and backgrounds to ensure diversity in thinking. The role is on a volunteer basis as this ensures advisors remain impartial and advocate for the ecosystem as a whole. It also allows for greater flexibility for those who volunteer, allowing them to contribute what they can, when they are able to. 

Members of the community advisor panel are privy to information before the broader community. This is to allow us to get outside opinions on key issues as they relate to the Empowa ecosystem. This is also an acknowledgement by the Empowa team that we simply can not know every corner of the blockchain ecosystem, and that our project can benefit from the wisdom of the crowd and the perspective of those with a vested interest but some distance from the day to day running of the ecosystem. 

For those in the broader community who engage with the community advisors, it is important to remember the following. 

  • While the advisors will be very knowledgeable about the Empowa project, much of what is discussed in our meetings are developments that are a work in progress and should not be considered confirmed or official until it is formally shared through the official channels.
  • Community advisors are members of the community who have volunteered their time, they are not compensated by the Empowa project.
  • Empowa does not vet advisors, we, therefore, take no responsibility for the advice they offer or their actions. Naturally, we will investigate any report of inappropriate behaviour by an advisor and if their behaviour is deemed to have been out of line with our values they will be removed from the community advisor panel.
  • Community advisors are not members of our support team and therefore have limited access to the tools needed to troubleshoot problems. It is also not reasonable to expect them to offer 24/7 support. We do of course appreciate any troubleshooting they do offer. 

Anyone is free to join the community advisor program. To find out more please reach out on our Telegram channel. 

In contrast to Community Advisors, our Community Support team are paid members of the Empowa project who are tasked with answering community questions. When engaging with a Community Support member you can assume the following. 

  • They have the most up to date information and access to tools to resolve your query.
  • While they are trained to know about our project it is not possible for them to know the answer to every possible question and so may need to check some information with another member of the team.
  • Similarly, they aren’t able to solve every issue themselves, especially more technical challenges, and so again may need to check with the team.
  • Our Empowa Support team is there to troubleshoot. They are not financial advisors, never offer financial advice and cannot speculate on the price of EMP.
  • If you feel like you didn’t receive adequate support on any of our channels please do report this via our website 

As a project, we are committed to our journey towards decentralisation and look forward to handing over more of the control to our community as more of the necessary systems are in place. For now, please consider joining as an advisor or applying for a support role. 

We again thank you for your support!

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