Empowa NFT

Why we launched the Empowa Founding Community NFT

Our Founding Community NFTs launched recently, and we are extremely grateful and humbled with how well they have been received by our relatively small but rapidly growing and passionate community! All our NFTs have now been sold.

In addition to this, to give back to our early Founding Community NFT supporters, we will be exploring a range of exclusive benefits and rewards – the first of which is an ISPO EMP reward bonus which you can learn more about here.

What are Founding Community NFTs (FC NFT) and why are we selling them?

The purpose of the Empowa FC NFTs can be split into 3 main areas: 

Proof of Concept:

NFTs are a core component of Empowa’s mission to use DeFi to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions. To demonstrate that Empowa can deliver on this mission, we need to deliver both housing on the ground in Africa and NFTs and blockchain transactions on Cardano. Together, these elements demonstrate the proof of our #RealFi capabilities.

Building Community:

Empowa Community members will have a unique place in the history and development of Empowa – not because of the amount of money you have or contribute, but because you are the first. Join us!

Community Feedback:

If you read our White Paper, you will see that NFTs play a vital role in the Empowa Platform. We are already working on creative NFT campaigns to create collectibles that enable us to support the development of affordable housing in Africa. We need to consider all aspects of these NFTs including artists, payments, returns and value creation – and we would like to validate these with you – the Empowa Founding Community. 

But we are excited to share that the FC NFTs are only the beginning! We look forward to creating more impactful NFTs such as our platform NFTs (Impact Cards) which will be sold to finance the construction of affordable housing in Africa! You can learn more about these on our Whitepaper.