One can not overstate the importance of a strong and well-informed community in ensuring the success of the Empowa project. Our journey started in earnest when we received our first investment through the community’s vote in Cataylst Fund 5. From there we released our Founding Community NFT which saw our supporters demonstrate their commitment to our journey by buying an NFT with the promise of future value, a true indication of the belief they had in our project. 

As we have continued on our journey to unlock the affordable housing opportunity we are mindful of the importance of our community’s support. Until now there has been no formal way to reward our community for their support and the time they invest in learning about our project and helping to promote it. Today we hope to change that through the launch of our Zealy powered community program.

Zealy describes itself as the operating system for communities. Essentially it allows us to outline actions that are useful in supporting our project and then reward our community for completing these actions. The actions typically centre around investing time in understanding our project better or supporting us in spreading the word on Empowa.

The rewards take the form of XP points which are earned by completing tasks. Different tasks carry different XP rewards which loosely reflect how valuable the task is for our project. Earned XP points will translate into eligibility to win prizes in adhoc competition we have planned throughout the year.

Different competitions may have different entry requirements either providing an entry per a given number of XP points or making the competition only available to those over a certain XP threshold.

Our plan is to constantly evolve the Zealy project adding new tasks and launching new competitions to reward our community. 

Our Zealy page is already live and you join by clicking HERE. Our first competition will launch in the coming weeks and will award entries based on the number of XP points held. More details will be shared in due course. In the meantime, you can already begin collecting your XP points by completing the initial tasks outlined. 

We hope to design the most engaging program and so welcome any feedback, in fact, you can even earn 5 XP points by making a suggestion. So please feel free to share any constructive feedback.

We’d like to thank you again for your continued support. Successfully tackling a challenge as impactful as affordable housing will take time, but we are confident that with the continued support of our community, we will impact the lives of millions and unlock the $1 trillion African affordable housing business opportunity.


What are XP points how are they different from EMP tokens?

XP points are the native points system of the Zealy project, EMP is the Empowa Token. XP points can’t be exchanged for EMP, but may be used to enter competitions where EMP tokens may be a prize.

Where can I find out more about Zealy?

All details about the Zealy project can be found on their website

How often will competitions be held?

For now, the plan is to host competitions at ad-hoc intervals throughout the year. Once we have gauged the success of the Zealy we will plan a more regular schedule of competitions.

What prizes can I win?

Prizes will vary depending on the competition. Some competitions may be more exclusive and therefore carry prizes of higher value while others may be easier to enter with appropriate prizes on offer.

Examples of prizes may include; EMP tokens, NFTs, Partner’s digital assets and Merchandise to name just a few examples

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