Invest in a Trillion Dollar Housing Opportunity

Empowa is a fintech enabling financially excluded Africans to buy climate-smart affordable homes.

The potential of unlocking informal economies

80% of current income across Africa is currently not used for investment as it is informal, Empowa unlocks this financing.

Current situation in Africa


Informal income

Most jobs in Mozambique do not formal income.
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Rent-to-own makes it possible for 19 million Mozambicans to have access to housing finance. Previously that number was only 1 million.
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Addressing the housing accessibility gap

Less than 3% of Africans have access to housing finance. Empowa addresses this by increasing access to housing finance in urban populations from 3% to 60%.

Africans with access to housing finance





Empowering women’s financial inclusion

Only 37% of women in Africa have access to formal financial services, compared to 48% of men. Empowa is addressing this gender gap, with >50% of houses financed being women led.

Empowa lease-to-own financed more than…


Women led households

Helena and her family are enabled by Empowa to lease to own a climate-smart home.

Our 2030 mission:

1 million

African families to become owners of a climate-smart home across Africa by 2030.

Climate-smart affordable homes

With 70% of all buildings expected to exist in 2040 in Africa are yet to be built. If we don’t start building more sustainable today, the pressures on climate change will only increase.

Empowa works with partners who focus on sustainable construction i.e homes built, designed, constructed and operated in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment. These homes use materials and technologies that are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and conserve natural resources. Ultimately, environmentally sustainable homes aim to provide a comfortable, healthy living environment while minimizing their carbon footprint and ecological impact.

A unique investment opportunity

  • Funding a sustainable business model
  • Providing returns with a highly liquid asset as collateral
  • Incentivize climate smart construction
  • Support local entrepreneurs with green and climate-resilient ambitions
  • Strong local partners ensure investment is done at the grassroots level
  • Investments technology are digitized making them an immediately tradable asset
  • Leveraging web3 technology to provide near real-time data on loan performance
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