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Installment sales
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Designed for financial institutions, housing developers and property managers, our purpose-built software is revolutionizing installment sales housing
operations across both formal and informal markets.

The software to maximise success in installment sales portfolios

Experience the future of installment sales management with Empowa Pay, the all inclusive system designed for financial institutions, housing developers and property managers by offering payment-plan contracts for affordable housing.

Empowa Pay has been developed for both the formal and informal financial market. Empower your team and digitally transform your operations with our comprehensive solution.

Built for the both the formal and informal financial market

Discover the features and benefits that make Empowa Pay the ultimate tool for housing installment sales:

Effortless client management

Data Integrity and Investment

Seamless System Integration

Purpose built Solutions for installment sales service providers

Empowa Pay is a purpose-built solution for capturing the full life cycle of an installment sales contract. From capturing an application, to recording an agreement and recording both monthly and ad-hoc payments.

Empowa Pay has the ability to record payment data onto the blockchain allowing a financial service provider to benefit from the immediate traceability, audibility and security of blockchain records. This ensures high quality verified data that can reduce funding risk and open new markets.

Enabling off-take financing

Empowa is not only providing Empowa Pay as a means to track installment sales performance but also actively creating an ecosystem that promotes the funding of climate-smart affordable housing. By facilitating the collection of crucial market data related to the installment sales concept, Empowa collaborates with partners to secure the necessary capital for off-take financing through our network of investors.

If you are currently involved in the affordable housing sector and meet the specified criteria, we encourage you to contact us to explore how the Empowa ecosystem can potentially offer financial support to your project.


Conditions for Funding
  • You have either already built homes or have secured funding for construction
  • You have evidence of demand and/or financial information captured and verified through Empowa Pay
  • Your homes are sustainably built and/or are climate resilient.
  • You have a track record of successful affordable housing projects
  • You are developing homes on the African continent


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