21Token Sale

Empowa Token Sale
Details and Timeline

With the help, support and feedback from our amazing community, we are pleased to announce the details and timeline for our upcoming Public Token Sale. EMP tokens power the Empowa platform (the first #RealFi property platform on Cardano), and this event will allow the community to purchase these utility tokens and join our journey.

Empowa Token Sale – Details

EMP allocation: 20 000 000 EMP
Payment: $ADA
Token Price: $0.25 USD

Individual purchasing limits per round:

General Public:

  • Round 1: Min: 100 EMP, Max: 1 000 EMP
  • Round 2: Min: 100 EMP, Max: 1 000 EMP
  • Round 3: Min: 10 EMP, Max: 4 000 EMP

Founding Community NFT Holders:

  • Round 1-3: Min 10 EMP, Max: 6 000 EMP
  • Round 4: If there are remaining tokens after Rounds 1-3, there will be a Round 4. More details here

Referrals: We will have a referral system that allows participants to acquire priority access to rounds 1 and 3.
More details here
KYC: Registration will commence at 12pm UTC on December 8th, 2021. You can start your registration here

Empowa Token Sale – Timeline:

  • 8 Dec: KYC Registration commences. To launch the token dashboard click here
  • 22 Jan: Reserve EMP/Join Sale Queue
  • 31 Jan: Token Sale Round 1
  • 7 Feb: Token Sale Round 2
  • 14 Feb: Token Sale Round 3
  • *21 Feb: Token Sale Round 4 (only if there are EMP remaining after Round 1-3. More info here)

As you can see above, the per person token limits for the Empowa Public Token Sale are relatively low compared to other project token sales. This was a community-driven initiative, to ensure that as many people as possible have the ability to participate. Therefore, if the total Public Token Sale allocation (20 million EMP) is not exhausted during Rounds 1 to 3, the remaining tokens will be made available in Round 4.

For a more detailed breakdown of the Token Sale details, please refer to our tokenomics document here

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