Proof of Africa

Collaboration with Casa Real

Great interview with Gwen at Proof of Africa, where he talks to Glen, Phil and Marie-Odile. about the Empowa vision and our collaboration with Casa Real in Mozambique.

In this interview we discuss with Glen and Phil, Empowa co-founders, and Marie-Odile, Casa Real co-founder, who are developing Empowa – a platform to enable African communities to improve living conditions and create wealth.

Empowa is a unique decentralised property development and digital collectables platform
seeking to harness the power of community to empower people mostly excluded from the
financial system. This exclusion may come about from a lack of available funding or lack of
access due to gender, financial history, poverty and other forms of discrimination.
Empowa focuses on:
• Economic empowerment, initially through property
• Connecting and empowering people to create a fairer economic system
• Helping to deliver affordable housing to poor and middle income people
• Community building
• Women empowerment
• Environmental impact.