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Frequently Asked Questions

What is $EMP

The EMP token is a platform-native token introduced by the Empowa Platform used to collateralize investments in affordable housing. Capital raised is secured by cash flows associated with rent-to-own tenants’ repayments, and an amount of the EMP token supplied by developers as collateral.

How it Works

Empowa Pay enables the in-country service provider to record, manage and verify rent-to-own payments,  ensuring timely and verified financial information can be supplied to investors.

This enables risk to be better managed, reduces the cost of finance to the consumer, without compromising on returns.

How to capture a client in the Empowa Pay app

Click the link here to see a step-by-step guide. We cover how to capture a client in the Empowa Pay app including assigning them to a property, capturing their agreement and capturing a payment.