Empowa – The first RealFi (DeFi) property platform on Cardano that combines emerging technology, sustainable building and decentralised financial inclusion.

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Build a better future through the Empowa Platform.

Empowa enables the building of affordable and greener houses
in Africa, by offering property developers access to affordable funding.

By leveraging Cardano’s blockchain technology and the power of decentralised finance, we are able to overcome the systemic issues that have plagued the African property industry. Unlocking the economic opportunity for all parties.

“…they are truly onto something and we are moving into a whole new world!”

“Top Projects building on Cardano.”

“…some of the most promising DApps in the ecosystem”

“…giving people a chance to be part of the solution to the Trillion Dollar housing opportunity in Africa.”

Our Mission

Empowa aims to be a large and impactful property developer without actually developing properties. By providing decentralized financing, Empowa is the key to the potential of the under-served African mortgage market, unlocking affordable and greener homes for more Africans.
It’s RealFi in action!

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EMP Token Sale

Laying the foundation

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Join us on the journey. Your input, skills and passion are important to us.

Empowa ISPO

Get EMP token rewards while staking your ADA
Launch date: 4th of October 2021

Buy NFTs that change lives

Founding Community NFT’s – Sold Out in Oct 2021
Impact Cards – First project coming soon in 2022

Making an impact with the right partners

Empowa works with tech organisations and Project Partners. These partners can support the best fit-for-purpose opportunities to develop and scale affordable and greener housing projects.


Join us in our journey.

Empty Date


- Development of Empowa concept and validation
- Empowa White Paper V1.0

Community & Partner Building

- EMP Token Pre-sale
- Platform Design
- Pre-platform housing development proof of concept: Mozambique
- Marketing plan and budget

- Initial Stake Pool Offering
- NFT Design
- Commence Platform Build
- Implementation of marketing plan
- EMP Token Sale

Empty Date


- Platform and implementation build.
- Pre-platform funding proof of concept - limited NFT sales.

Platform proof of concept.

- MVP - limited public release.
- 3 x further projects (same partners)

- Open Market
- Interoperability

Empty Date

2023 - 2024

Q2. 2023

Q3. 2024
Decentralisation kick-off