The Empowa Ecosystem Compass

A Reimagined Roadmap

The Empowa Ecosystem Compass has our mission and core values at the heart of its machinery, to ensure we are always on the right path and to guide the way on our journey, changing direction as required. The Compass guides us through time and space, while at the same time always reminding us of our primary objectives.

Overview of current Capabilities


2. Register Housing Projects
11. Register Housing Clients

12. Receive/Record Client Payments
13. Pay Project Loan Repayments


1. Develop Housing Supply Pipeline
3. Setup Impact Collections & Campaigns


10. Housing Client Eligibility Self Assessment


4. Add Creative NFTs to Impact Collection


5. Explore Impact Collections
6. Track Collection Financials (Simple)
7. Track Impact Collection Impact Goals
8. Purchase Impact Cards


9. Deliver Housing Project Funding
14. Pay EMP Returns
15. Issue Impact Rewards